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    Animal Testing Pros and Cons!

    Tumblr Instagram  10/10 My Skill Web Designer 99.9% Animal testing is also known as animal experimentation. This is when people use animals to make sure medications and cosmetics are safe for humans to use. Animal testing is also a method to understand the human body.  Everyone has mixed views about animal testing, although it seems that many people are against animal testing. There have been many protests against animal testing around the world and nearly forty countries banned animal testing for cosmetics. For example, Lush cosmetics has a video where they interview people about cosmetics and show that animal testing is wrong.  The most common animals used for animal…

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    Number One Best Book To Read (for teens)

    Instagram Tumblr Tyler Bruce, seventeen years old, life is an on-going mess. He doesn’t know how to solve his distorted life, but what we do know is how his distorted life began. It is summer in California, a usual day for Tyler until he meets a girl – his stepsister whom he didn’t know existed. This summer will change his life forever. But the question is: is his life going to change for the better, or worse? This book is written in the form of the first person, where Tyler Bruce, the main character, is narrating the story of his life. This is an effective approach because the reader can…

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    1. Best Exam Motivation Advice

    “It’s not how bad you want it, it’s about how hard you are willing to work for it” This is a quote I always use to motivate myself all the the time. I truly recommend you to use this quote to motivate yourself. Most people tend to say that they want to do something but they never work hard to achieve their goal. It does not have to be for exams, it can be little things as well. For an example, doing chores at home in order to go out with your friends. If you can motivate yourself to do little things such as doing chores,then you can motivate yourself…

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    Book Review Number 1: Model Undercover

    Instagram Tumblr I am going to give you a book review about one of my favourite books: Model Undercover Book Review: Model Undercover I know most of you, if not all of you, are wondering what “Model Undercover” is. It is a book that I enjoyed when I was younger and still enjoy now. It was one of the books I finished in less than 2 days, a book I could not stop reading. Model Undercover is packed with mysterious, like Sherlock Holmes, but also a bit of romance. Don’t worry for those who don’t like romance, it’s not too extreme – if you know what I mean. It is…

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    Is there life after death?

    Life after death is the belief that people would exist in some type of form after they die. This belief is known in many religions such as Christianity, Sikhism, and Hinduism. Some people believe that after death, their spirits or their soul would go into a spiritual realm, like Heaven. Other people believe that they will be reborn and relive the cycle of life, but they would most likely be unable to remember their other life. Leading on to this view, people believe that they will continue to live this continuous cycle of rebirth until they have succeeded and reach their ultimate goal, which is to enter a spiritual realm.…


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