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    Looking forward to a white Christmas? No thank you!

    Let’s face it – Britain comes to a halt when even a few centimetres of snow falls. Unlike other parts of the world, we are simply not equipped to deal with inclement weather. Snow simply is an inconvenience, unwanted and nuisance. It causes our country millions of hazards. For example, because of snow, factories are forced to shut down. Why is this terrible? Well, that’s because it affects each and every one of us – yes, that’sincluding you too – in a negative way. So let’s start from the beginning: factories tempoarily closing down due to the highly hazardous weather conditions. As we all know, factories produce goods such as…

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    Trip To Iceland

    Who would have thought that Iceland is a beautiful country? Well, I did not think so, but after the trip to Iceland, I must take back all those thoughts I had before. Although the weather was not pleasant (it rained a lot), I must say that I had many memorable moments there. I walked on a glacier- I bet some of you have not done that before. I am telling you, you must add Iceland onto your bucket list. We arrived on the 19th of October last year. I can always remember the sensation when I stepped a foot outside the airport and felt the cold, bitter Icelandic weather blowing…


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