• Exam stress

    How to have fun after exams

    I am going to tell you some of the things I did after I finished my exams in June. I hope this will help. Put away all your books, textbooks and papers Yes, put all your books, notebooks and textbooks aside. Clean your desk and store them somewhere like a cupboard. Just make sure that you store somewhere instead of throwing them away. Why? You never know what the future beholds: you could do your exams again for all you know. Putting your books aside and clearing space creates the idea that you have finished your exams and that you can now relax and enjoy yourself. Finishing your exams is…

  • Friends

    How to take a compliment

    Receiving a compliment from someone boosts our confidence and makes us feel more appreciated. Here are some top tips that you can do when someone compliments you next time. Smile and say “thank you”. This simple action can make a significant difference. It creates the idea that you are polite and friendly. In a way, it increases the chance of receiving another compliment. It also makes you seem humble as well. Accept that somebody said something nice about you and accept it graciously and with politeness. Compliment them in return. This is a kind act to do. It makes you look like a kind-hearted and nice person. Don’t just say…

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