Best ways to succeed in maths

Maths may not be everyone’s forte, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot become better at it. To become good at anything, you need to practice so do not believe that only naturally gifted people can become good at something. You can do it!

Do lots of practice papers

  • This would help you have an idea of the format and structure of the maths exams.
  • By doing lost of practice papers, you may be able to see a pattern in the papers. For instance, for GCSE Maths Edexcel, the hardest questions (which are worth at least 5 marks ) tend to be about vectors, circles, or ratios. Therefore, I would need to do more questions and focus on these topics.

Help someone else

  • Explaining someone else the topic that they do not understand can increase your understanding and knowledge of the topic.

Ask your teacher for help

  • It is not something to be ashamed of because your teacher’s job is to teach and help their students. Therefore, you should not feel ashamed. Just think that in a way you are helping your teacher with their job if you still feel ashamed.
  • If you still do not want to ask your teacher, then you can watch maths videos on YouTube. This would show you how to answer a similar type of question step by step.
  • If that still doesn’t help you, then you have to ask your teacher – sorry!



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