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Model Undercover: Deadly by Design
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What is Model Under Cover?

I know most of you, if not all of you, are wondering what “Model Under Cover” is. A game? A show? No, it’s a book. A book that I enjoyed when I was younger and still enjoy now. It was one of the books I finished in less than 2 days, a book I could not stop reading.

Model Under Cover is packed with mysterious, like Sherlock Holmes, but also a bit of romance. Don’t worry for those who don’t like romance, it’s not too extreme – if you know what I mean| It is exactly like Sherlock Holmes, but the main character is a teenage girl.

Guessing from the title, she goes as a model undercover, in order to solve mysteries. The mysteries that she solves goes from stealing, kidnapping, and even as far as murder, but that is for you to find out…

There are 4 different books about 4 different mysterious cases waiting to be solved.

I am going to tell you about the first book which is:

Model Under Cover – A Crime of Fashion

 A teenaged girl, Axelle, was forced to travel to France, in order to relax from solving mysteries and to transform into a fashion model. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t solve any mysteries or do any detective work: Fashion designer Belle La Lunes vanishes. Axelle has to race against the clock to find the criminal as a model undercover!

Why do I like Model Under Cover?

It is a dark tale full of suspense and mystery, which no one couldn’t write a better detective tale. Any girl could relate to Axelle. The book makes you want to keep reading and the outcome is not predictable. I thoroughly enjoyed it from the beginning to end. Also, the plot line is very clear.

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