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    Becoming fluent in Spanish

    I have been studying at school for my exams, but as exams have been cancelled, I have not been studying Spanish at all lately. And that needs to change. One of my dreams is to become bilingual because I have always found it cool to be able to speak and understand more than one language. Therefore, starting from today, I will go back to learning Spanish until I have become relatively fluent. In terms of my fluency at the moment, it is decent, maybe around 50 per cent. One issue that I have is that I’m not confident in speaking Spanish and I find it quite hard to understand native…

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    Life in Lockdown….

    It’s boring. After weeks of staying at home, I have realised how boring it is to just stay at home. What I have been trying to do over the past weeks is to try to keep myself productive, so I first resorted to Netflix. Netflix was fun and enjoyable at first, but then I began to get tired of it. I was tired of watching shows on Netflix for hours because I felt like I was wasting valuable time. What did I do? Well, I set goals for myself. For instance, my goals at the moment are to regain my flexibility and become more active on my website. These goals…

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    How to take a compliment

    Receiving a compliment from someone boosts our confidence and makes us feel more appreciated. Here are some top tips that you can do when someone compliments you next time. Smile and say “thank you”. This simple action can make a significant difference. It creates the idea that you are polite and friendly. In a way, it increases the chance of receiving another compliment. It also makes you seem humble as well. Accept that somebody said something nice about you and accept it graciously and with politeness. Compliment them in return. This is a kind act to do. It makes you look like a kind-hearted and nice person. Don’t just say…

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