When most people think of studying, they think of tests and exams. Studying can mean more than that.The verb "study" means 'to learn about a subject, especially in an educational course or by reading books' ( which is the dictionary definition). That does not mean that studying is meant for exams and tests. It shows that study can be implied in anything. You can study about the world, plants, animals, and anything you enjoy. Learning about life after death is studying, right? This category not only discuss about ways to prepare for exams, it's about more than that!

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    Trip To Iceland

    Who would have thought that Iceland is a beautiful country? Well, I did not think so, but after the trip to Iceland, I must take back all those thoughts I had before. Although the weather was not pleasant (it rained a lot), I must say that I had many memorable moments there. I walked on a glacier- I bet some of you have not done that before. I am telling you, you must add Iceland onto your bucket list. We arrived on the 19th of October last year. I can always remember the sensation when I stepped a foot outside the airport and felt the cold, bitter Icelandic weather blowing…

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