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    Expedition Letter

    Dear Sir/Madam….. I am writing to you to apply as a member of a team for an expedition to the Amazon rainforest. I believe that you should hire me because I have lots of knowledge about Amazon and its rainforest; I am an excellent team worker and I utterly enjoy expeditions. First of all, I have a great understanding of the Amazon rainforest. Since I was a little girl, I fantasized about going to the rainforest so that I can catch a glimpse of the exotic, tropical wildlife such as a sloth (which was my favorite animal). Now, my dream, which I thought was surreal, can instantly become a reality…

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    Childhood Friendship

    We were five years old when we first met. Young, childish and innocent. It was our first day in primary school; you were nervous but quite excited. I remember that glowing, bright smile you had when you introduced yourself in front of the class: “Hey, my name is Mason!” Your hands were trembling in great fear and trepidation, and yet you somehow managed to hide it from the rest of the class – but not me. You were different from everyone else. Sitting on the chair opposite me, next to Amber, you found it difficult to communicate with others. While everyone was talking about their favorite TV program. “Sesame Street,”…

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    Looking forward to a white Christmas? No thank you!

    Let’s face it – Britain comes to a halt when even a few centimetres of snowfalls. Unlike other parts of the world, we are simply not equipped to deal with inclement weather. Snow simply is an inconvenience, unwanted and nuisance. It causes our country millions of hazards. For example, because of snow, factories are forced to shut down. Why is this terrible? Well, that’s because it affects every one of us – yes, that including you too – in a negative way. So let’s start from the beginning: factories temporarily closing down due to the highly hazardous weather conditions. As we all know, factories produce goods such as bread, but…

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