Friends Vs Bestfriends

Many people have been asking: “what are the difference between friends and best friends?”

Today is your lucky day because I’m going to answer that question for you.

Friends will always compliment you but best friends will always give their honest opinions.

Friends will always try not to make you feel bad or upset in anyway, so they tend to praise you and make you feel better about yourself. On the flip side, best friends will always be honest to you. This means that they could say: “That looks really ugly,” or “You look so pretty!”. They could even confront you about drinking problems, for an example.

Friends call you once in a while but best friends call all the time.

How many times have you called your friend? Now, compare it to the amount of times you have called your best friend.

Friends will not always support you but best friends always do.

If you are in an argument with someone, a friend wold just ask what you are going to do to resolve the argument and sometimes give you advice. Best friends, however, always support you and probably say: “Don’t listen to them! They’re just being STUPID!”

Friends can’t keep secrets but best friends can.

Some friends can keep secrets but most (or even all) best friends keep secrets. This means that your secret is  about 100% safe with your best friend than a friend.

During hard times, friends may not always be there but best friends will.

I remember when I had a best friend, she was always there for me even through tough and serious times. Friends can be there for you but just not as much as best friends.Image result for friend

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