How the Internet has changed our lives?

Here are some situations on how the internet has changed our lives.

Before there was internet, your parents would shout at you saying: “That’s it! Go home right now!” This is because children loved the outside world but only ran home if their favourite TV show was on. Nowadays, it nearly impossible, to take children out of the house without their gadgets (e.g. phones, tablets).

Before, your parents use to ask if you have packed the camera for their holiday but now they would ask if you have got your phone and a selfie stick.

Years ago, if you wanted to research about something, you would go straight to the library and look for some books. Now, all you need is something that connects to the internet and your already done. You can go onto the internet and research any time you want – even 3.a.m in the morning!

If you need help on cooking pasta (for an example), all you need is to call your mum or dad. These days, you can go onto the internet and search up “how to cook pasta?”. In less than 5 seconds, different recipes would pop out from your screen.

Before if you wanted to talk to someone who lived far away from you, you would send a letter to them but now all you need is their phone number or email to communicate with them.

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