How To Ace Your Maths Exams?

Maths can be seen as the hardest subject whereas to others, maths can be seen as the most enjoyable subject. Have you ever heard the saying that “you’re either a maths person or English person”? Well, I most definitely a maths person. I find Maths as an enjoyable subject because I’m able to challenge myself and learn from my mistakes.

Anyway, here are some things that I did in order to ace my maths exam.

  1. CGP workbooks

Workbooks in general, helped me a lot because I am able to practise any topics in maths that I don’t understand. I definitely recommend doing workbooks but you must do at least one page per day so that you can improve your maths effectively.

  1. YouTube

Before you use the workbooks, I advise you to either get a revision textbook, or watch YouTube videos. There are some things that your teacher teach you about that you just don’t simply understand, even if you ask them so many times, so that’s why I advise you to watch YouTube videos because they could teach you the way that you may understand it. I always watch “RawMaths” on YouTube because he really helped me understand the topic in maths I was really struggling in. “RawMaths” not only do GCSE Maths but he also do Further Maths GCSE so if you are doing Further Maths, then I strongly advise you to watch his videos.

  1. Past Papers

When you feel very confident and feels as though you know everything, then do past papers. Once you have marked your past paper, practise doing questions on the topic you got wrong. For an example, if I lost marks on questions about ratio, then I watch some videos on ratio again, make sure I understand it and then do some questions on ratio in my workbook or from online (Maths Genie).

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