Looking forward to a white Christmas? No thank you!

Let’s face it – Britain comes to a halt when even a few centimetres of snowfalls. Unlike other parts of the world, we are simply not equipped to deal with inclement weather.

Snow simply is an inconvenience, unwanted and nuisance. It causes our country millions of hazards. For example, because of snow, factories are forced to shut down. Why is this terrible? Well, that’s because it affects every one of us – yes, that including you too – in a negative way. So let’s start from the beginning: factories temporarily closing down due to the highly hazardous weather conditions. As we all know, factories produce goods such as bread, but to produce labour is required… However, we don’t have labour because the factories close down because workers are unable to work (unless they can make it at home which is highly unlikely since they do not have the required equipment). If there is not any production of bread, then no lorries or any mode of transport can transport bread to our local supermarkets which means… no more luscious, succulent, and mouth-watering bread for days! Or even weeks! All the shelves in our supermarkets will be as empty as a ghost town.

Snow is disastrous.

Secondly, snow and ice lead to many roads becoming treacherous, and drivers are warned to take caution. According to reports published every year, an average of 136,309 injuries and 1,836 deaths due to snowy and icy roads. This is incredibly significant because it is showcasing how snow and ice are the major cause of taking an innocent person’s life as quick as a heartbeat. Amazingly, there are still people who believe that snow is beautiful and picturesque – how disappointing! Adding onto the icy roads, we would constantly be late to work (every day). We don’t want to frustrate our bosses, because most are incredibly petrifying when they are angry, so let’s avoid trying to push their buttons before they explode. Right?

Snow can harm the older generations. Science has proven that older people lose body heat faster than younger people. Moreover, as we get older, our bodies change so it makes it harder for us to be aware that we are getting cold. Therefore, the colder the weather, the more heat older people lose without realising it, which can lead to dire consequences such as hypothermia. This fatal condition can also affect the poor, helpless and homeless people because they don’t have shelter to keep them warm and protected from these terrible conditions. Most only have a thin, duvet cover (if they’re lucky), which we all know will not withstand the icy weather.

Get rid of those false perceptions that snow is picturesque, exciting and fun – because it is not. Snow is dangerous, chaotic and fatal, so don’t be fooled by those postcards of snow converted on mountains and fields.



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