1. Best Exam Motivation Advice

“It’s not how bad you want it, it’s about how hard you are willing to work for it”

This is a quote I always use to motivate myself all the the time.

I truly recommend you to use this quote to motivate yourself. Most people tend to say that they want to do something but they never work hard to achieve their goal.

It does not have to be for exams, it can be little things as well. For an example, doing chores at home in order to go out with your friends.

If you can motivate yourself to do little things such as doing chores,then you can motivate yourself to work hard for your exams or competition.

I believe that success and intelligence is not something that you are born with; it is something you develop through motivation and hard work.

Always remember that if you want to do something you have to work hard and make an attempt to achieve it.


“Strive for progress, not perfection”

Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. This was something I use to not understand.

When I did not get 100% or at least 90% in my tests, I felt very demotivated. Then I began to realise that it is better to not get 100% in my tests.

The question that i did not gain any marks, showed me the areas I needed to improve on. From there I was able able to achieve higher results.

What I am saying is that you must not demotivate yourself when you get questions wrong. It should motivate you more.

Nobody is perfect

In order to prepare for your exams, use these quotes to motivate yourself. Also, I advise you to make revision notes or what ever you like to do when revising. These could include:


Motivation, determination and hard work is the key to success!


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