Revision Technique: Flashcards

Flash cards are one of the most useful revision techniques but many people don’t use flash cards effectively.

  1. Add images as well as words. It is scientifically proven that people remember images than words and also it makes the topic that you are revising more interesting.
  2. If possible add mnemonic devices – this is basically anything that helps you remember a piece of information. Examples of these include: Never Eat Shredded Wheat (North, East, South, West); I Picked My Apples Today (stages of mitosis); My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Noodles (order of the planets orbiting the sun); Eat An Apple As A Night-time Snack (Seven continents). These mnemonic devices could be images as well.
  3. On every flashcard, there should be one question and one answer! Trust me this is very useful because it helped me a lot when using flashcards.
  4. Make sure you break down complex concepts of the topic you are studying into smaller simpler questions.
  5. When studying your flashcards, say it out loud.
  6. Make sure you study your flashcards from both sides.

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