Roger Federer

Who is Roger Federer? What does he do? Well, Roger Federer is a proffessional ,male,  Swiss tennis player. He was born in Basel, Swizerland on the 8th of August 1981. He has also been playing tennis since the age of 8.

Growing up, both his parents worked in the pharmacuetical industry. His mother, Lynette Federer, is Soth African who met her Robert Federer (his father) during a business trip. From there they married and gave birth to Roger’s older sister, Diana, in 1979 then Roger Federer.


Both siblings grew up  in a town called Munchenstein, outside the city of Basel. Tennis was their passion but his sister and parents did not have  the skills or talent to play the game. Boris Becker was Roger’s first sport hero (he won Wimbledon in 1985. He remembers that when Becker lost the finals in 1988, he started crying. Throughout his childhood, his main problem was that he could not control his temper.


He describes himself as a ‘hothead’, on  court. He became angry after ‘dumb shots’, for an example. When his parents saw this they were furstrated but Roger did not understand why because he was not mean to his opponents or umpire.


Then, he met Peter carter, who was a tough player from Australia. He taught him amazing and flawless techniques on ground strokes and serves. He also taught him about the mental side (psychology). the told him how important it was to be polite and that by being angry at yourself, makes You to waste useful energy.

At a young age of 13 she left home to go to Switzerland national tennis centre ( in Ecublens).

Roger Federer was Swisss of the year in 2003, Swiss Athlete of the year 6 times (2003-2004, 2006-2007, 2012, 2014). He also won the US Open Sportmanship Award in 2014 and  is named the Most Marketable Sports Person of 2016.

He speaks English, German, Swiss German and French as well as being married to Mirka Vavrinec, in 2009 and has 4 children (two sets of twins):

  • Myla and Charlene born July 23th 2009
  • Leo and Lenny born May 6th 2014.