Study Smart Quiz

I am going to ask you some questions so that you know how you study effectively because everyone is different so we all have different types of way to study effectively. These are all inspired by “Motivation2Study”.

  1. Do you prefer studying outside such as coffee shops and libraries, or at home in your room or wherever you study at home?
  2. Do you like to study by yourself or with other people?
  3. How long do you study for in a day? Do you take breaks?
  4. When you take notes, do you write it or type it?
  5. When you study by using your textbook, do you highlight key points in the textbook or re-read your textbook so that you can understand it?
  6. Do you summarise information?
  7. Do you revise by using flashcards?
  8. Do you know what the pomodora technique is? If so, do you use it?
  9. Do you schedule your study sessions?
  10. Do you do spaced repetition?
  11. Do you get distracted while studying? If so, what by?
  12. Do you reward yourself for studying?
  13. Is studying a habit for you? Is it a daily routine?

As soon as you have answered these questions, email me and I’ll give you some suggestion and ideas in order to study smart!

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