Trip To Iceland

Who would have thought that Iceland is a beautiful country? Well, I did not think so, but after the trip to Iceland, I must take back all those thoughts I had before. Although the weather was not pleasant (it rained a lot), I must say that I had many memorable moments there. I walked on a glacier- I bet some of you have not done that before. I am telling you, you must add Iceland onto your bucket list.
We arrived on the 19th of October last year. I can always remember the sensation when I stepped a foot outside the airport and felt the cold, bitter Icelandic weather blowing on my face. Thank goodness I was wearing comfortable, thermal clothing, otherwise I would have froze to death. This is an important notice for all of you wishing to go to Iceland: bring clothes that will keep you warm. If you arrive to Iceland in shorts, you will definitely be miserable throughout the whole day. I know some of you would want to do that, but please: DON’T DO IT! This is for your sake as well as mine.
As it was a school trip, we had to stay in a hostel which was 2 hours away from the airport. However, I must say that the view was spectacular. It was extremely different from the UK, everywhere felt natural because there was greenery everywhere. I loved it!


The most memorable place we went to was the blue lagoon; I had always wanted to swim and feel the hot, cosy water touch my body in the blue lagoon. This is because everyone used to describe the amazing feeling of being by saying that it felt like paradise. In October 2018, I was fortunate enough to feel this paradisaical sensation: the ocean-blue water soothed my skin, the water emitted immense clouds of fog which instantly warmed my face – it is a moment that I can never forget. Another great thing about the blue lagoon is the great pictures that you can take. Well, I don’t think I took the best pictures, but from other photos that I have seen, I can guarantee you that the blue lagoon is the perfect place to take pictures.


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