Why animal testing should be banned?

Animal testing is also known as animal experimentation. This is when people use animals to make sure medications and cosmetics are safe for humans to use. Animal testing is also a method to understand the human body. 

Everyone has mixed views about animal testing. Generally, it seems that many people are against animal testing. There have been many protests against animal testing around the world.  Nearly forty countries banned animal testing for cosmetics. For example, Lush cosmetics has a video where they interview people about cosmetics and show that animal testing is wrong. 

The most common animals used for animal experimentation are:

  • fishes,
  • cats,
  • mice,
  • dogs,
  • rats,
  • rabbits,
  • monkeys,
  • and horses.

Animal testing can take place in universities or medical schools.

companies that do animal testing

Argument For Animal Testing

Some animals react exactly like humans. This is extremely beneficial for scientists when finding cures for diseases. For example, about 99% of chimpanzee’s genes are similar to humans. 

This allows scientists to understand the effects of certain drugs on humans. 

Insulin for diabetes and diabetics are successful for humans due to animal testing.

humans and chimpanzees

Argument Against Animal Testing

  Yes, testing on animals make sure drugs and cosmetics are safe for humans to use.  Animal testing is that it can harm the animals being tested. Many animals lose their lives during animal testing. 

Animals may lose their hearing and eyesight ability during animal testing. So, do we want to risk the lives of animals, only to ensure our safety? Are there any other methods that scientists can use instead of harming these vulnerable animals? 

Scientists are arguably exploiting the animals due to their inability to speak and protest against being experimented.

Argument For

On the other hand, it allows scientists to help saves the lives of animals and humans. For example, because of animal testing, we can have successful heart transplantation and open heart surgeries. 

Some vaccinations would not have been successful without animal testing. Animals suffer from similar diseases to humans such as cancer and flu, so not only does animal testing benefit us humans, but it benefits animals as well.

Argument Against 

In 2016, there was a drug trial in France for Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, and other conditions, but this resulted in one death of a volunteer and four people whose brains were severely damaged. This drug trial was tested on monkeys, dogs, mice, and rats before tested on humans. 

Therefore this further supports the fact that experimenting on animals are unreliable because humans and animals may not react the same way. This is because we are built differently to animals.

Let’s Conclude….

We all have mixed views about animal testing. Some of us strongly believe that animal testing is wrong, whereas others strongly believe that animal testing is good. Although animal testing benefits humans and animals, it can also harm animals and be ineffective as well. To have an overall judgement on this controversial topic, we must outline the positives and negatives of animal testing.

After reading this post, have you decided on whether animal testing is wrong? What are your opinions about animal testing?

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