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Over the year, thrift shopping has become more and more popular because we are becoming more aware of where we shop.

We have learnt that thrift shopping is beneficial for us and our environment and we have also discovered the dark side of fast fashion.

Through this, we have become more knowledgeable about shopping for clothes.

In the UK and USA thrift shopping and second-hand retail has become more and more popular over the years, which indicates how we are becoming more mindful in where we shop.

Save Money

Thrift shops clothing tend to be cheaper than retail shops and it is so much cheaper than the clothes original price.

Also, second-hand clothing’s quality tends to be better than new clothing.

For example, you may find designer clothing that would normally sell at $80, in a thrift shop may be only $10 or lower.

Good for the environment

This reduces waste and pollution.

Thrifting is recycling because you are reusing a piece of clothing that someone else has used, so you are reducing your carbon footprint.

Through shopping for second-hand clothing, we can reduce the number of clothes dumped in landfills, therefore helping our environment which is very important.

About £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year in the UK, which is very significant.

This why we need to try buying second-hand clothing, to help our environment and to decrease the number of clothes being dumped in landfills.

Let’s explore different styles of clothing

Thrift shops tend to have a variety of different styles of clothing, from vintage to chic, to emo to modern clothing.

This is different from fast fashion and retail shops because they tend to have the same types of clothing.

Through that, you can explore different styles of clothing to know which one suits you more, and it diversifies your wardrobe.

This makes thrift shopping more exciting and fun to do, especially if you are into fashion and clothing.

You can be more creative with your styles because there is a wide variety of clothing to choose from.

If you are into fashion and design, you can be creative and transform t-shirts into crop tops or even use these fabrics to make DIY projects such as curtains or covers.

You can turn thrift shopping into a business

You can sell vintage clothing that you have bought in thrift shops online such as Poshmark and Depop for quite a lot of money, depending on how popular the piece of clothing is.

From there you can create a business out of it.

Supports charities

Thrift shops tend to support charities, so when you purchase something from a thrift shop, the money tends to go to charities such as cancer trust.

Therefore, you are donating money to charity and helping the community.

New items daily

Thrift shops tend to restock daily, so you may not be seeing the same clothes or items that you saw yesterday or a week ago.

This gives you more choices to choose from and diversifies your wardrobe.

The fact that the clothes and items change each day creates a sense of excitement as you cannot wait what clothes they have to offer each day.

Clothes for all

You can buy children’s clothing there as well, which has the same quality as those that are in retail shops, but for so much cheaper.

Think about where your clothes were made

“Fast fashion” shops such as H&M, TopShop, Primark and many more employ factory workers at a low cost.

For example, in Bangladesh, the sweatshops, which are where these factory workers work in are working in poor and cheap conditions, not even paid fairly.

These workers’ minimum wage is set at around 3,000 taka a month (about £25), which is lower than the living wage, which is 5,000 taka a month (about £45).

5,000 taka is the minimum amount of money needed to provide a family with food, shelter and an education.

If you want to know more information about where your clothes are made, I recommend you to watch the documentary called The True Cost.

This will give you a more in-depth insight on where your clothes are made and the “dark side” of fast fashion.

After watching this documentary, I was truly moved by it and it was very eye-opening because now I am more knowledgeable about fast fashion.

As a result, I have been making changes to how and where I shop now.


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