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I have been studying at school for my exams, but as exams have been cancelled, I have not been studying Spanish at all lately. And that needs to change. One of my dreams is to become bilingual because I have always found it cool to be able to speak and understand more than one language.

Therefore, starting from today, I will go back to learning Spanish until I have become relatively fluent. In terms of my fluency at the moment, it is decent, maybe around 50 per cent. One issue that I have is that I’m not confident in speaking Spanish and I find it quite hard to understand native speakers because they speak too fast for me. I’m sure this is a problem for many of you learning a foreign language, but we need to realise that it is completely normal to make mistakes because that is how we learn. Recently, I borrowed some Spanish books from the library to improve my vocabulary, reading, and writing skills.

In terms of improving my listening and speaking skills, I’m going to watch some Spanish shows on Netflix and some Spanish YouTubers. I have also found out that Duolingo has a Spanish Podcast, so I will also use that. Through watching polyglot YouTubers, most of them say that Duolingo is not the most useful language-learning app, but still use it – just do not be heavily reliant on it.

Another recommended site is Quizlet. Quizlet is a website that I’ve been using for years because it allows you to make your flashcards as well as using other people’s flashcards to save you time.

Now I am ready! If you want, I will update my progress over the weeks and tell you what methods has and has not been working for me. Why don’t you learn a language with me? What language do you want to learn?

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