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Follow these 8 tips and I can assure you that your room will look neater, cleaner and minimal as possible.

Having a minimalist bedroom is beneficial because it makes your bedroom more spacious and it creates a better environment.

Deep clean & Declutter

Clean your room. Get rid of anything you do not need, which will make your room spacious and therefore more minimalist.

Vacuum and mop your room as it will make your room neater and appealing to the eye.

Just make sure your rood looks neat and tidy. Clean the windows and mirrors that may be in your room as well.

This overall will create a healthy and clean environment, which is vital if you want your room to look minimalist and appealing.

Get rid of any bottles and trash bags that are lying around in your room. I also advise you to declutter your wardrobe.

To declutter your wardrobe remove any pieces of clothing that you either do not wear, too small or is not your liking anymore.

This will reduce the time you take choosing an outfit to wear for the day and make you more spacious.

With those clothes that you do not need, you can sell them online such as Poshmark and Depop or donate them to charities.

Decluttering makes you feel good about yourself and it can be fun to do, so I advise you to do it.

I know it can be hard to get rid of some of your items, but it just has to be done.

Always ask yourself if you need it and what purpose it has to you.

Ask yourself why you are emotionally attached to this item and whether it is something worth keeping.

Ask yourself when it was the last time you used it, was it a couple of days ago, months ago or years ago.

As you continue asking yourself these questions, decluttering and getting rid of items will become so much easier.

Colour Code

To make your room look nicer and more appealing, you need to have some sort of colour code.

For example, is your colour code going to be mostly white or are you going to do mostly blue?

If blue, is it going to be sky blue, ocean blue or denim blue? Are you going to use bright colours?

You need to ask yourself these questions.

If you want your room to appeal as calming and relaxing, bright colours such as orange, light blue and yellow would help you stimulate that type of environment.

Use colours that will stimulate the type of atmosphere and mood you want to create.

To do that, you have researched the types of colour that fits the mood you want to create.

Make Your Bed Look Pretty

Your bed should be comfortable and inviting.

Making your bed look appealing by adding some pillows and dressing your bed will make your room look so much cleaner, tidier and appealing.

Make your bed inviting to you.

Play around with your bed, add some pillows or take away some pillow, change the colour of your duvet, do whatever you want since it is your bed.

Organise Your Items

Being organised is the key to having a minimalistic, spacious room.

If you have a desk in your room, make sure that everything on your desk can be used for working.

Put anything that is needed for working stored away in a box which can be stored in your wardrobe or drawers.

Put a lamp, some books, and scented candles on your nightstand.

Store everything else away and make the most of all the furniture you have decided to keep.

Hide wires

Something as little as hiding your wires and keeping them away from sight can make such a significant difference in how your room looks.

Just by doing this, you can make your room look so much neater.

Use scented candles & Rugs

Scented candles help stimulate a calm and relaxing mood.

This will help you to de-stress and feel more relaxed.

Rugs are just something that I believe you just need to have, especially if the flooring in your room is hardwood.

They create a beautiful aesthetic and when you put your feet on the rug, you feel calm and more eased because of how soft and comfortable it is.

Get a plant

Having a plant or some plants in your room can make the room seem more inviting and appealing.

Play some music

Playing some music in your room creates a calming atmosphere and mood.


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