How to have fun after exams

Exam stress

I am going to tell you some of the things I did after I finished my exams in June. I hope this will help.

Put away all your books, textbooks and papers

Yes, put all your books, notebooks and textbooks aside. Clean your desk and store them somewhere like a cupboard. Just make sure that you store somewhere instead of throwing them away. Why? You never know what the future beholds: you could do your exams again for all you know. Putting your books aside and clearing space creates the idea that you have finished your exams and that you can now relax and enjoy yourself. Finishing your exams is such a great but nerve-wracking feeling. This is because you are happy that exams are over but you are nervous about how well you have done. Therefore, to remove thye stress and anxiety you may be feeling at the moment, I advise you to sort out your books first.

Don’t think about how your exams went or what your results may be

What’s done is done, right? Stressing out about what you think you would get in the exam is not going to change your results. It has has no effect. To be honest, it’s quite pointless. If you know that you revised hard for the exams and that you tried your best, then you have nothing to worry about. After your exams, avoid talking to your friends abouit the exam.

Read for pleasure

Read novels, comics and books that interest you. Treat yourself by reading books that you enjoy. You can go to the library, a bookshop or read them online.

Go out with your friends

One of the best ways to distract youself is to just hang out with your friends. What can you do do with your friends? Well, this can be as simple as going to the cinema to watch a film that has just come out. It can also be going to the park and just hanging around. This would distract you from exams and you are enjoying yourself . If you are those peopel who may not have friends or do not want to go out with your friends, then you should still go out and enjoy yourself. It’s good to be outdoors and have some fresh air as it relieves you from your troubles. When you go outdoors, you can do many activities such as hiking or even go for a camping trip.

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