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Going to the right university is important because that is where you are going to study your desired course for four or more years.

Choosing the wrong university leads to regrets, then you start disliking or even hating “uni life”.

I do not want that for any of you and I am sure you do not want that for yourself.

Going to a university makes you feel more independent and it can be a big jump from high school to university.

So in this blog post, I am going to help you decide which university is the right choice for you if you are still undecided.

I am going to focus on five factors that I think you need to take into consideration when choosing the right university.


Do you mind living far from home? Do you often feel homesick?

Location, to me, is one of the most important factors that you need to consider.

You may go to the best university, but if you live very far from home and you are the type of person who easily gets homesick, you may find university life quite miserable.

If you don’t mind living far from home, then the location wouldn’t be a big deal. However, after some time, you will get used to it so homesickness shouldn’t be a major issue since you will make some friends in university.

If the university is in London, for example, expect higher student accommodation costs and busier travel, especially during rush hour.

If you are a person of colour (black, Asian, Middle Eastern etc.), you may want to take note of the location a little bit more by checking how diverse the area is.


Oxford University and Cambridge University may be the best universities in the UK, but there are some courses that other universities are better at than them. Just be mindful of that.

If you want to do medicine, for example, the university that you go to study medicine doesn’t matter that much.

It doesn’t matter if you do medicine at Oxford University or Sussex University, because at the end of the day, you will still get the same degree.

And, as long as you have that, employers will still hire you regardless of the university you studied in.

The only difference is that if you do study in Oxford, you may be given a little bit of an advantage as you are an “Oxford student”.

However, don’t be bummed or feel disadvantaged by that if you do not go to that university because a degree is a degree, right?

The best university for criminology is the university of Lancaster, then Surrey, whereas the best university for Accounting & Finance is the university of Leeds then Loughborough.

This goes to show that there are courses where universities like Leeds outperforms prestigious universities like Oxford, Cambridge, UCL and Imperial.

One thing I just have to say, to finish it off here is that you shouldn’t go to a university just because of the name.

University Library

For most of university life, you will be spending your time in the library studying.

Therefore, you need to find out more about the library at your desired university.

You need to make sure whether the environment is peaceful and whether you will feel comfortable studying there.


Going to university isn’t just about academics, it is also about being able to socialise with other people. One great way is through societies.

If you want to continue playing a sport or hobby while at university or want to start a new sport or hobby, research on the types of societies the university has to offer.


Check out the accommodation, since this is the place where you will be staying while in university.

If the accommodation doesn’t fit your liking, then there is no point going to that university.

It’s better to stay in a place where you won’t feel miserable. That is a mistake that many people make because they don’t check or find out more about the accommodation.

The best way to find out more about the accommodation is asking students who already live in the accommodation to have because they can tell you what it is like living there.

What else could I do to seek for more advice

Go for open Days

This will help you get a feel for the campus so that you can see whether you will feel comfortable there.

Also, try going to the city or the town where the university is located because you are most likely to go there as well.

Speak to students who attend these universities.

You will see them during open days.

They will give you more of an insight into how life is like in the university.

I also recommend it, if you are a person of colour and considering going to a university that has a lack of diversity.

This will help you know whether or going to this university is really worth it.

If you can’t speak to any students, you can read blogs or watch YouTube videos.

There are many university students on YouTube who talks about their life in university so that is a good source if you don’t want to talk to someone in person.

Look at rankings

Check the rankings of universities for your specific course, which would give you an idea of which universities are more suitable and perform well in your course.


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