Writing a diary

Hello, I’m Theresa and I love to share my experience. All I want to do is to share all my adventures and all the things that I have learnt with my readers. Over the years I have learnt a lot about life and also the fact that you must live your life to the fullest and enjoy yourself. Why? Because you only have one life and in this life, you must do everything that you want to do.

I enjoy travelling because I can learn about different cultures and see how the lifestyle in that country differs from others. I have been to many countries, especially in Europe, and at the moment I would like to travel to Asia and South America next.

Recently, I have been interested in yoga, so in my spare time, I have been doing yoga exercises. I find yoga useful and effective because it is calming and very satisfying.

Throughout the years, I have discovered the best methods to do well in exams and to become an A* student. I love to share my knowledge with people who are struggling with their studies and do not know how to revise effectively for exams. I have helped people find better revision techniques, which has made them do better at school.

I enjoy learning about new lifestyle hacks, which have become a huge benefit to me and I love sharing it to others. Blogging and creating a website was one of my dreams and now it has finally come true. Through my blog, I show my viewers what I love to do and share some tips that I have learnt.