How to take a compliment


Receiving a compliment from someone boosts our confidence and makes us feel more appreciated. Here are some top tips that you can do when someone compliments you next time.

Smile and say “thank you”.

  • This simple action can make a significant difference. It creates the idea that you are polite and friendly.
  • In a way, it increases the chance of receiving another compliment.
  • It also makes you seem humble as well.
  • Accept that somebody said something nice about you and accept it graciously and with politeness.

Compliment them in return.

  • This is a kind act to do. It makes you look like a kind-hearted and nice person.

Don’t just say “I know”

  • It makes you sound rude if you say that. There are some exceptions such as saying it to your friends. I say it t my friends because they know that I am joking, but I would not say it to someone else.

Don’t disagree

  • It makes you seem rude because you are rejecting their compliment. This would make the other person feel bad for wanting to show you how great he or she thinks you are.
  • When responding to a compliment, remember to be gracious and smile because it shows that you appreciate the compliment that they gave you.


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