Life in Lockdown….


It’s boring. After weeks of staying at home, I have realised how boring it is to just stay at home. What I have been trying to do over the past weeks is to try to keep myself productive, so I first resorted to Netflix.

Netflix was fun and enjoyable at first, but then I began to get tired of it. I was tired of watching shows on Netflix for hours because I felt like I was wasting valuable time. What did I do? Well, I set goals for myself. For instance, my goals at the moment are to regain my flexibility and become more active on my website.

These goals have made me become less bored and more productive at home. However, I still watch Netflix from time to time but not as much as before. During the lockdown period, I have taken the opportunity to learn how to cook and bake; I have started with the basics such as making pizza rolls.

This week, as I am craving for pizza, I am going to make my own pizza. After making pizza, I will cook more delicious and exotic dishes. Recently, I found my Nintendo Wii buried in my storeroom, so I have been playing games that I used to play years ago.

Playing games on the Nintendo Wii brings back old memories such as how I used to play “Mario and Sonic Olympic Games” with my friends and family in the living room, as well as “Hannah Montana” in my room. Such good memories!

Furthermore, I have also tried to read more. At the moment, I am reading “Screw it, Let’s do it” by Richard Branson. This book is about how he was able to build a successful business (Virgin), which made him a billionaire.

This is how I am coping in lockdown, how are you coping during the lockdown?

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